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“I attended my first Balfour LTW as an alumnus this summer. The blue and gold flame in my heart ignited when I talked with Sigs of all ages about our brotherhood. As a 25 year-old newlywed, it is empowering to know that our Fraternity is in such great hands. My time with our brothers reminded me that our relationship to Sigma Chi is reciprocal, the more I give the more I am inspired.

Balfour LTW allowed me to reflect on our three great aims: friendship, justice, and learning. Friendship was in full force over the four days as I watched brothers from all over our continent interact. Justice was evident in examples provided by over 150 alumni facilitators to each attending undergraduate. Balfour LTW embodies learning as it allows brothers of all ages to grow as men. I am grateful for the opportunity and I plan on returning for years to come.”

Ed Beckmann, Southeast Missouri 2008

Developing Stronger Alumni and Undergraduate Leaders

Balfour Leadership Training Workshop (BLTW) is the world's largest and most successful annual Greek leadership conference. It is a central element of an integrated, comprehensive leadership development strategy for Sigma Chi in conjunction with Horizons, Cornerstone, and in the near future, the Journey chapter retreat program.

BLTW broke attendance records for the third straight year with 1,780 participants. Brothers from across Sigma Chi received values-based leadership training and office-specific skills. Attendees were exposed to new ideas from Sigma Chi groups across North America and left BLTW with a clear plan of action for the coming year. It is a shining example of Sigma Chi brothers— from the newest to the most seasoned—engaging for the good of all.

Objectives of BLTW:

  • Learn to become better leaders through training in the core elements of each office, as well as special leadership strategies and techniques.
  • Create a system of accountability for improving a chapter throughout the academic year.
  • Develop a chapter strategic plan.
  • Understand resources available.
  • Weave Sigma Chi values into officer roles and daily lives.
  • Enhance new relationships with peers.

BLTW is the primary annual training program for undergraduate and alumni chapter officers. The Sigma Chi Foundation supports other Fraternity leadership and mentoring programs. Click the links at right for more information.

For up-to-date information on the activitives of the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, visit the BLTW site at

Foundation Objectives
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