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Sigma Chi's legacy is one of cultivating leadership by providing character-based training to help young men grow towards their highest potential.

As Sigma Chi strives to secure its place as the most advanced and successful college fraternity by introducing new approaches to our challenges and by reinforcing our founding principles, the Sigma Chi Foundation is working hard to accomplish these objectives:

  • Continue to work toward the goal of making Sigma Chi the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization.
  • Identify expectations for continuous improvement and measurable results in each leadership program.
  • Advance plans to secure the financial future of all of Sigma Chi's leadership programs by building a real endowment.
  • Demonstrate that your Foundation is dedicated to the care and nourishment of your home chapter through the Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Challenge.
  • Continue to expand academic scholarships, which have grown by 400% since 2006.
  • Partner with Fraternity leadership to gain alignment and endorsement of all leadership programs, and to ensure that all programs reach every undergraduate chapter.

Foundation-Supported Programs
The Sigma Foundation's Mission is to solicit financial resources, provide faithful stewardship, and engage in exemplary ethical practices in support of Sigma Chi and leadership development. We do not seek to build new buildings, but rather to build leaders of good character.

Since our Founding in 1855, Sigma Chi has been the strongest college fraternity in North America. For nearly 150 years, our Fraternity has instilled in its members the values of Friendship, Justice and Learning. Despite the passage of time, our values are as relevant in the 21st century as the day our Founders first donned the White Cross. Though our values remain constant, our world has changed dramatically since 1855. Young men in college face challenges unheard of only 20 years ago. Many bright and capable young men lack deep friendships, the support of mentors, and a true understanding of commitment to values and high ideals.

Despite today's challenges, the future of Sigma Chi is very bright. Our values-based leadership programs are proving successful, and are making a difference in the lives of our young brothers.

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Contact Us
For more information about the Sigma Chi Foundation, or to support our leadership programs, please contact:

James Ashley Woods
President & CEO
Sigma Chi Foundation
1714 Hinman Avenue
Evanston, IL. 60201
(847) 869.3655

Foundation Objectives
Sigma Chi's legacy is one of cultivating leadership by providing character-based training to help young men grow towards their highest potential. Read More