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To Inspire values-based relationships and Train Sigma Chi members to recruit based upon the Jordan Standard.

Mission 365 is Sigma Chi's innovative recruitment program that intends to enhance the Fraternity membership's quality and quantity. Developed in 2003, the Mission 365 program was created to address the recruitment issues found in many of Sigma Chi's undergraduate chapters.

Chapters who participate in the Mission 365 program can expect to learn how to increase both the quality and quantity of their new members by employing a 365 day recruitment process based on Sigma Chi values and ideals. The Mission 365 retreat is not a lecture; rather, it is an experiential learning process that actively engages chapter members in the retreat.

Mission 365 retreats are also valuable for large chapters. A slightly adapted program focused on increasing member quality while holding membership numbers constant was successfully debuted in 2011.

Nearly 300 Mission 365 retreats have been conducted since program inception, with the average chapter showing a 40% increase in membership over the two years following the program.

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Mission 365 Overview

The Objectives/Purposes:

  • To teach all undergraduate Brothers and Alumni Advisors a recruitment process and techniques guided by Sigma Chi values and ideals.
  • To introduce a strategic planning process for a Chapter-wide 365-day recruitment approach integrating all available Sigma Chi resources.
  • To provide essential recruitment tools which will help Chapters identify and recruit men of character.
  • Yearly, introduce new recruitment materials to support our Chapters' Mission 365 plans.

Planned Giving
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