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Many alumni are unaware that the Sigma Chi Foundation has a restricted fund in place for many undergraduate chapters. In fact, thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants from these funds are given to benefit young Sigs each year. This document is an overview of the common uses and related procedures for these funds.

How can a chapter benefit from funds in a chapter designated fund?

Money from chapter designated funds may only be used for educational purposes. Examples include the chapter's participation in the leadership programs, scholarships, scholarship recognition banquets, chapter house computers, internet wiring, expenses to and from the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, alcohol education seminars or speakers. If the chapter elects, the funds can be used to support its participation in Sigma Chi's key leadership and mentoring programs: Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, Horizons, Journey, and Crossroads, through the Bell Chapter Challenge. Through the Educational Housing Program, chapters may also use these funds to renovate educational portions of the chapter house. We are proud that hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants are given each year by local house corporations to deserving young Sigs.

To establish a Chapter Designated Fund, please contact Ashley Woods at or 847-869-3655 ext. 209.

How do I access the money in the fund?

To draw money from the fund, the Chapter Designated Fund Request form must be completed, click here to download a copy of this form. Each request must be signed by two of the following chapter officers: Consul, Chapter Advisor, House Corporation President or House Corporation Treasurer. Be certain to include any invoices or receipts for reimbursement. Excluding requests for scholarships or house renovation projects, this process usually takes between five to seven business days.

To comply with revised Internal Revenue Service guidelines, we now require additional steps for disbursing scholarship and chapter house renovation funds.

If the request is for a scholarship check, provide the recipient name, and amount of the check. Please also include a brief statement of why the chapter selected the recipient for the scholarship award. Along with the check, we will send an award verification form (click here to download a copy of this form) which will need to be completed by the award recipient and returned to Heidi Holley via e-mail ( or fax (847-869-4906). The verification form confirms that he will use the award for educational purposes and that he is enrolled at the university. Additionally, we disburse scholarship checks in the name of the recipient and his university. This process usually takes five to seven business days.

If the request is for a chapter house renovation project, please contact the Foundation about the new Educational Housing Program. The program helps chapters maximize educational space and therefore increase the ability to raise tax-deductible contributions to support a renovation project. The program is the Foundation's exclusive means of funding chapter house renovation projects.


4544Alpha Pi Mize Albion College$33,609.56
4638Epsilon Omega W Stanley Ball State University$40,713.24
4611Delta Rho Bradley University$15,532.97
4647Zeta Xi California State University-Northridge$72.17
4558Beta Eta Miller Case Western Reserve University$17,424.51
4650Zeta Rho Central Michigan University$12,583.34
4681Charles Dabney / Mitchell SinkClemson University$7,350.35
4805Nu Nu Columbia University $4,848.54
4514Mu Denison University$36,077.13
4515Mu W Hayes Denison University$10,530.11
4517Omicron G Todd Dickinson College$162,020.49
4686Theta GammaDrake University$224.23
4562Beta Lambda P. Ferguson Duke University $5,599.65
4651Zeta Sigma Eastern New Mexico University $1,189.99
4031Eta Iota (Ryan Donley Memorial)Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University$11,725.36
4666Eta Iota Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University$10,573.83
4573Beta Chi G Allen Emory University$101,443.62
4632Epsilon Sigma Duncan Tabb Florida Southern College$15,556.94
4652Zeta Tau Fort Hays State University$6,050.63
4736Iota Nu Furman University$4,980.72
4752Kappa Eta Harward University $9,955.01
4537Alpha Iota Wyatt Inc Illinois Wesleyan University$7,818.09
4716Theta Pi A Rankin Indiana State University$14,901.04
4512Lambda Miller Menke Spell Indiana University$471,838.34
4728Iota Gamma Jacksonville University$17,236.90
4582Gamma Iota Y White Louisiana State University$360,622.40
4501Alpha Miami University $104,986.84
4690Theta Eta Missouri Science & Technology$100,450.17
4568Beta Rho Montana State University$126,499.01
4599Delta Epsilon E Craven North Carolina State University$16,559.75
4592Gamma Tau North Dakota State University$13,043.48
4688Theta Epsilon H Flowers North Georgia College$20,892.55
4648Zeta Omicron Northern Arizona University$58,932.19
4528Omega K K King Northwestern University$100,376.34
4610Delta Pi Ohio University$21,756.26
4577Gamma Delta Oklahoma State University$9,160.77
4598Delta Delta Purdue University$122,495.00
4751Kappa Zeta M Drummond Memorial Radford University$19,514.13
4617Delta Psi Love III Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute$152,747.35
4523Tau Inc Roanoke College$9,616.51
4622Epsilon Theta T Bell San Jose State University$60,419.02
4606Delta Mu Southern Methodist University$438,477.07
4667Eta Kappa Southwest Missouri State University$5,208.04
4552Alpha Omega Stanford University$21.24
4814Psi Psi Syracuse University$165,399.62
4759Kappa Xi Tarleton State university $4,356.40
4662Eta Delta Tennessee Tech University$19,833.43
4678Eta Upsilon Texas A&M University-College Station$108,001.06
4627Epsilon Nu Jack Selby Memorial Texas Tech University$33,822.99
4653Zeta Upsilon The College of William & Mary $2,259.99
4572Beta Phi University of Arizona$241,886.87
4815Omega OmegaUniversity of Arkansas$18,382.41
4643Zeta Kappa University of California-Santa Barbara$28,805.59
4696Eta Pi Founders Scholarship Fund University of Central Florida $92,054.37
4563Beta Mu University of Colorado/Boulder$429,826.53
4581Gamma Theta Bouvier University of Florida$10,623.90
4628Epsilon Xi University of Houston$41,169.50
4580Gamma Eta University of Idaho$239,935.98
4802Kappa Kappa FisherMathisAdams University of Illinois $141,942.47
4535Alpha Eta Memorial FundUniversity of Iowa$275,224.69
4808Rho Rho University of Maine$57,420.44
4595Gamma Chi University of Maryland$54,461.57
4692Theta Theta Coon/Kirby University of Michigan$146,864.17
4011Barry Alpha Sigma IncUniversity of Minnesota$13,346.61
4546Alpha Sigma University of Minnesota$170,480.95
4508Eta University of Mississippi$26,236.52
4806Xi Xi Rucker University of Missouri-Columbia$974.75
4536Alpha Theta CarlisleUniversity of MIT$11,285.10
4555Beta Delta Ruhle University of Montana$11,903.25
4533Alpha Epsilon Burr Marshall University of Nebraska $90,940.82
4655Zeta Chi University of Nevada at Las Vegas $98,417.39
4565Beta Xi University of New Mexico $7,704.37
4557Beta Zeta University of North Dakota$7,990.43
4630Epsilon Pi University of Northern Colorado$24,414.13
4561Beta Kappa University of Oklahoma$69.46
4550Alpha Chi University of Penn State $119,801.49
4812Phi Phi University of Pennsylvania$84,443.91
4559Beta Theta University of Pittsburgh$7,288.78
4615Delta Phi University of Puget Sound$28,817.40
4711Theta Lambda University of San Diego$13,575.71
4548Alpha Upsilon University of Southern California$115,806.66
4541Alpha Nu University of Texas-Austin$10,232.33
4539Alpha Lambda F. Thayer Memorial University of Wisconsin$8,969.39
4587Gamma Xi Unguren University of Wyoming$24,983.92
4676Gamma Xi (Patterson Fund) University of Wyoming$616,465.48
4616Delta Chi Dick/McLain/Scott Pr Wabash College$45,770.68
4682Delta Chi R McLain Wabash College$25,389.86
4804Mu Mu West Virginia University$17,442.68
4816Mu Mu J McCutcheon West Virginia University$12,883.88
4646Zeta Nu Western Michigan University$17,364.63
4578Gamma Epsilon Whitman College$49,985.13
4600Delta Zeta (Robert E. Joseph) Willamette University$63,125.22
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