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“Campus life seems to attract abuse and dependency on alcohol and other drugs and Sigma Chi is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our young Sigs. Choices alone cannot solve this problem but it's a good start.”

ROB REIFSCHNEIDER, San Diego State 1957 Founder of Sigma Chi/Betty Ford Alliance

“The purpose of the Choices program is, through the partnership with the Betty Ford Institute, to provide fact-based information to brothers about the use of alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs. The goal is that they will make informed decisions regarding abuse and potential addiction to alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs in a supportive, non-judgmental teaching environment. This should include not only a personal decision, but also include how one models the way for others.”


Alumni Educating Undergraduates to Battle Alcohol Use and Abuse, Prescription and Recreational Drug Abuse, Suicide and Depression

In partnership with the world-renowned Betty Ford Center, Sigma Chi trains and deploys alumni to help battle critical issues facing our undergraduate brothers. Choices addresses substance abuse, and will soon incorporate suicide and depression education. The Choices program was developed specifically for our undergraduate Sigma Chi brothers.

Trained alumni lead the workshop-style course. In addition to learning the risks and warning signs, undergraduates are taught how to monitor their own and others' actions in a safe and accountable environment.

This past year, the Choices program was presented to over 50 Chapters, including several Province Conferences, reaching 2,131 Undergraduates. Several of the presentations were to the entire Greek community on campus. The Sigma Chi/Betty Ford Alliance also received the North American Interfraternity Conference Laurel Wreath Award—in recognition of the unique program, its community outreach, and influence within the fraternal world.

Objectives of Choices/Crossroads:

  • Battle the issues of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, suicide and depression.
  • Provide resources and accountability techniques to help undergraduates make informed decisions.

For up-to-date information on the activitives of the Choices/Crossroads program, visit their website at

Foundation Objectives
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