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Notice to all chapters with a Huntsman chapter grant fund balance: if your chapter raised funds for Huntsman Cancer during Derby Days (January 2012 - December 2013), please be sure to take advantage of the grant money provided by the Huntsman family as a result of your chapter's cancer fundraiser. Funds not distributed by the end of calendar-year 2014 will be accrued to provide leadership and scholarship benefits to your chapter in 2015.

Use the Huntsman Chapter Grant Form to request your funds. As noted on the form, you may use these funds for academic scholarships, Bell Chapter Challenge, travel expenses to attend a Sigma Chi leadership program(s), fees or travel expenses for university program(s), educational materials for the chapter or a grant to an educational charity. Contact Heidi Holley if you have questions or need additional information: or 847-425-4470.

To download the form, click here.

Fund Balances as of November 1, 2014.

Alpha ChiPennsylvania State University$1,300.38
Alpha EpsilonUniversity of Nebraska$742.25
Alpha EtaUniversity of Iowa$976.25
Alpha IotaIllinois Wesleyan University$156.25
Alpha NuUniversity of Texas-Austin$0.00
Alpha OmicronTulane University$1,105.38
Alpha SigmaUniversity of Minnesota$387.50
Beta DeltaUniversity of Montana$0.00
Beta EpsilonUniversity of Utah$3,001.02
Beta EtaCase Western Reserve University$917.19
Beta OmegaUniversity of Toronto-Ryerson$308.75
Beta Theta University of Pittsburgh$6.25
Beta UpsilonWashington State University$43.75
Beta XiUniversity of New Mexico$2.50
Beta ZetaUniversity of North Dakota$353.75
Chi Hanover College$137.50
Delta DeltaPurdue University$102.50
Delta EtaUniversity of California-Los Angeles $1,636.25
Delta MuSouthern Methodist University$362.50
Delta PsiRensselaer Polytechnic Institute$13.00
Delta SigmaUniversity of Rhode Island$0.00
Delta TauWestminster College$86.25
Delta Xi San Diego State University$1,086.25
Delta ZetaWillamette University$1,139.50
Epsilon OmegaBall State University$1,030.25
Epsilon SigmaFlorida Southern University$488.75
Epsilon Upsilon Arizona State University$25.00
Epsilon XiUniversity of Houston$0.00
Epsilon ZetaFlorida State University$75.00
Eta AlphaEastern Kentucky University$20.00
Eta ChiYoungstown University $27.50
Eta IotaEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University$187.50
Eta LambdaVirginia Polytechnic Institute$25.00
Eta MuEastern Illinois University $468.75
Eta PiUniversity of Central Florida$0.00
Eta Psi Clemson University$2,762.25
Eta RhoUniversity of North Alabama$2.50
Eta SigmaUniversity of California-Irvine$250.00
Eta ZetaGeorgia Southern University$500.00
Gamma DeltaOklahoma State University$489.50
Gamma EtaUniversity of Idaho$493.75
Gamma KappaUtah State University$1,587.17
Gamma OmegaUniversity of Connecticut$5,525.60
Gamma OmicronColgate University$200.25
Gamma ThetaUniversity of Florida$462.50
Gamma Upsilon Mississippi State University$2.50
Iota ChiUniversity of California-San Diego$2,892.50
Iota EtaWestern Connecticut State University$10.00
Iota GammaJacksonville University$1,287.75
Iota LambdaUniversity of Louisville$232.50
Iota MuWilfrid Laurier University$188.75
Iota NuFurman University$21.25
Iota PhiUniversity of North Texas$806.25
Iota PiMarquette University$50.00
Iota TauUniversity of St. Thomas$63.75
Iota UpsilonBoston University$7,955.02
Kappa IotaSouthern Utah University$658.74
Kappa RhoAmerican University$87.50
Kappa TauMinnesota State-Mankato University$37.50
Kappa ZetaRadford University$50.00
Lambda BetaUniversity of West Florida$878.75
Lambda EpsilonUniversity of New Haven$721.25
Lambda EtaBryant University$474.65
Lambda IotaFlorida International University$565.82
Lambda KappaRochester Institute of Technology$932.51
Lambda NuLoyola University-Chicago$11,245.49
Lambda ThetaUniversity of Ottawa$187.50
Mu MuWest Virginia University$162.50
Omicron OmicronUniversity of Chicago$2,194.96
Psi PsiSyracuse University$237.50
RhoButler University$2,617.75
Rho RhoUniversity of Maine$481.50
Sigma Chi Delta Cal. State University San-Marcos$40.00
ThetaGettysburg College$2.50
Theta Chi Arkansas State University$1,250.00
Theta EpsilonUniversity of North Georgia$31.25
Theta GammaDrake University$1,493.00
Theta KappaUniversity of Texas-Arlington$0.00
Theta NuAlma College$50.00
Theta PiIndiana State University$369.25
Theta PsiUniversity of Waterloo$3,376.41
Theta SigmaCal State Poly. University-Pomona$148.50
Theta ThetaUniversity of Michigan$518.75
ZetaWashington & Lee University$618.50
Zeta EtaTexas A&M-Commerce$68.75
Zeta IotaPittsburg State University$6.25
Zeta LambdaKent State University$1,761.25
Zeta MuWestern Kentucky University$86.25
Zeta NuWestern Michigan University$577.50
Zeta OmegaEast Tennessee State University$350.00
Zeta OmicronNorthern Arizona University$11.25
Zeta PhiNew Mexico State University$201.75
Zeta PsiUniversity of Cincinnati$3,794.49
Zeta RhoCentral Michigan University$25.00
Zeta ZetaCentre College$21.25
Planned Giving
The Sigma Chi Foundation recognizes and honors those who names the Foundation as a beneficiary of a will, trust, & other types of planned giving arrangement. Read More