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Chapter Retreat Pilot Program: To Reach Every Chapter Every Year

The Journey Chapter Retreat Program is one of four key leadership programs offered by Sigma Chi. When fully deployed, Journey will integrate core teachings and instructional techniques from Horizons and the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. The program will reach every undergraduate every year, empower them to address the relevant issues at their chapters, reinforce the essential expectations of Sigma Chi values and elevate their expectations of themselves and their chapter as a whole.

Each session of Journey provides the entire chapter membership with an opportunity to learn leadership skills. Within the overall framework of valuesbased leadership, the program integrates key topics, such as alcohol and drug education, social styles, and strategic planning. Each session concludes with the creation of a chapter-wide action plan to implement the concepts and improve the overall chapter experience.

A team of local Cornerstone Mentors and the Chapter Advisor deliver each retreat. They employ a range of instructional approaches to ensure the program meets the needs of all learning styles. Instructors are provided comprehensive curriculum and facilitator guides, training in the effective delivery and facilitation of course content, and a plan for post session follow-up.

Objectives of Journey:

  • Deliver values-based leadership training to every chapter every year.
  • Provide recurrent educational retreats that address a chapter's unique needs.
  • Engage Cornerstone Mentors, chapter advisors and other interested alumni in delivering substantive training to every undergraduate.

Possible Program Elements (under review):

  • Authentic leadership based on the book True North, by Brother Bill George, Georgia Tech 1964.
  • Self-discovery and a deeper understanding of how to live leadership values in our daily actions.
  • Creation of a chapter strategic plan based on leadership values.
  • Choices alcohol and drug education.
  • Building an understanding of high performance teams from the perspective of both leadership and team members.
  • The Power of Strategy: Defining the Future.

For up-to-date information on the activitives of the Journey program, visit their website at

Planned Giving
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