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The Sigma Chi Foundation offers multiple giving vehicles to allow your gift to support leadership and scholastic development long into the future. Your planned gift could also provide you with present and future tax benefits and lifelong income.

Bequests: Name Us In Your Will
Unless expressly restricted, your gift will support leadership development and scholarship opportunities for our undergraduate members, help us grow the endowment, and support operations. Restricted gifts should include the stated purpose(s) of the gift and must be in compliance with the educational purposes and policies of the Sigma Chi Foundation.

Retirement Account Designation
Naming the Sigma Chi Foundation as a beneficiary of your retirement account could reduce tax liability on your estate. Contact your retirement account administrator to change the beneficiary of the account to the Sigma Chi Foundation.

Life Insurance
There are several ways you can use life insurance to support Sigma Chi:

Name the Foundation as a beneficiary on your policy
You maintain control and ownership of the policy, including paying the premiums required to keep policy in force. You can change the beneficiary designation or cancel the policy in the future. This type of insurance gift may reduce estate taxes.

Transfer ownership of an existing policy or purchase a new policy and name the Foundation as owner and sole beneficiary.
The Foundation accepts the policy as a gift-in-kind. You would continue to make premium payments through tax-deductible donations to the Foundation. In addition, you may qualify for additional tax benefits from this gift.

Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA)
With a Charitable Gift Annuity, you provide the Foundation with a tax deductible gift of cash, appreciated securities, or other acceptable asset. In return, you receive a fixed income for the remainder of your life. When annuity payments end, the remaining principle of your gift becomes available to the Foundation for your designated purpose.

*Charitable Gift Annuities differ by state and are not available in all states. Please check with Foundation for more details.

Other Life Income Gifts
The Sigma Chi Foundation is also happy to accept and/or be the beneficiary of other life income gifts including: Charitable Lead Trusts Charitable Remainder Trusts Other Trust Gifts.

These gifts are set up through your financial and legal providers and the Sigma Chi Foundation cannot administer these types of gifts. The Foundation has a relationship with Northern Trust and will be happy to refer you to one of their professionals to assist you.

James Parks Caldwell Society
The Sigma Chi Foundation recognizes those who create planned gifts with membership in the James Parks Caldwell Society. Caldwell Society members are recognized on the Sigma Chi Foundation website and in the Sigma Chi Foundation Annual Report. Members also receive a distinctive lapel pin and Sigma Chi Foundation publications.

For more information about our Planned Giving options, please contact John Price, Director of Legacy Giving, at 847-425-4476 or at You can also speak to one of our Gift Officers. This information is not intended to serve as legal or tax advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

Planned Giving
The Sigma Chi Foundation recognizes and honors those who names the Foundation as a beneficiary of a will, trust, & other types of planned giving arrangement. Read More
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