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“Receiving a scholarship from Sigma Chi means so much to me. I have never had anyone that could help me financially, so I have always had to rely on myself and make do to the best of my ability. Sigma Chi has shown me in several ways that I no longer have to rely on myself for everything. They have shown me a true family and a true brotherhood and it doesn't matter if times are hard or perfectly fine. This award has lifted a huge burden off of my shoulders, but more importantly, it reminds me again that as I climb this mountain called life I no longer climb it alone.”

DJ JONES, Valdosta State 2013


The Sigma Chi Foundation seeks to recognize undergraduate brothers who have shown outstanding values-based leadership, maintained strong academic performance and who have demonstrated financial need through the General Academic scholarship.

Sigma Chi Foundation was pleased to provide $418,000 in scholarship awards to undergraduate brothers in 2016 to put towards their qualified educational expenses.

The application for the General Academic scholarship is open to undergraduates from any Sigma Chi chapter.

Through the Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter Challenge and the Donor-Scholar program a donor may create a designated academic scholarship for his home chapter. For a complete list of current Bell Chapters that have a designated academic scholarship in fiscal year 2016-2017, please click here and for a complete list of current Donor-Scholar awards that have a designated academic scholarship in fiscal year 2016-2017, please click here. Candidates must apply and qualify for the General Academic scholarship in order to be considered for a Donor-Scholar or Bell Chapter Challenge scholarship.

If you would like additional information or have any questions, you may contact Heidi Holley at 847-425-4470 or


This scholarship award was established through the generous support of Timothy A. Michael, Ohio State 1970, John G. Berylson, Brown 1975, and Dr. Daniel P. Walsh, Southeast Missouri State 1971 and other Brothers. The Military Veteran Scholarship Award provides a $1,000 academic scholarship to undergraduate and graduate Sigma Chi Brothers who are currently serving or have served on active duty in their country's military—Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or National Guard.

Please Note: ROTC students are not eligible for this award.


Online applications for those affected by hardship now online, click here.

In keeping with our mission to help brothers in need, your Sigma Chi Foundation is pleased to announce the Brothers Helping Brothers Scholarship opportunity. Scholarships are available to undergraduate brothers who have been adversely affected by hardship, such as long-term unemployment or the effects of a natural disaster.

In the event of a hardship, information regarding application will appear here. Consideration for the Brothers Helping Brothers Fund will also be included in the criteria for annual scholarship awards available each spring.

To Donate
Please help us support our brothers in need. To make a donation click here and select Brothers Helping Brothers Fund under the Special Funds category.

The Brothers Helping Brothers fund was originally established as the "Strong Arms" fund in response to hurricane Katrina for those who suffer as a result of a natural disaster.

Foundation Objectives
Donations to the Foundation support young brothers with leadership and mentoring programs such as the Balfour Leadship Training Workshop, Journey, and Horizons. Read More